And Here We Go…

Tech rehearsal shotAll right, it’s happening! Tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Our Tech over the weekend went well, the actors seem to have everything down, and I can’t think of anything else I can do on my end to be any better prepared.

The weather is icy and gloomy, and there’s a somber overtone to the week, but the show must and will go on.

As of this writing there still seem to be tickets left for Wednesday, though Thursday is sold out and Tuesday and Friday are close to selling out.

We go on in the last spot tomorrow, which is always my favorite place in the order to go. Taking some preliminary deep breaths.

And this is how we Pong…

UPDATE: It’s Friday now, and before the decision is made tonight about whether we get to go on again this weekend, just want to say that the show on Wednesday went really well. We had a couple of small glitches (normal for a first performance) but it was really well-received and got a lot of really nice reactions. My kids said it was awesome, and even my dad gave me a strong thumbs-up. So… it’s been a great experience and a fun time, no matter what.

One interesting thing to me is learning just how many people had never heard of, or weren’t aware of, Pong as a game. A number of people along the way have said they didn’t know what Pong was, but enjoyed the performance anyway. I figured it was so iconic it was just something everyone had in their DNA. Maybe it’s just us nerds.

UPDATE #2: Hey, we made it to Best of Week! Got to go on last again on Saturday after a number of strong pieces. Our performance was smoother and cleaner this time and/but the audience reaction felt very subdued to me. Weird how that happens. I got the sense that a number of people just didn’t really know what was happening up there.

So… we’ll find out in a little less than three weeks if we make Best of Fest. I’m not feeling super optimistic about our chances, given the quiet reaction on Saturday. I’m putting all the props away and will happily bring them out again if things go our way. (and again, no matter what, it was a good and odd time with a great cast)

(and I can’t believe I don’t have any ideas for next year yet; what is going on???)

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