FronteraFest 2015 winds down/up

Centerpiece of Ravings of a 6-Year-Old Madman
Centerpiece of Ravings of a 6-Year-Old Madman

All right, so the trombone musical didn’t make it all the way to Best of Fest.  That’s okay, it happens.  I’m always disappointed when a piece doesn’t go all the way, but I’m happy we had a couple of solid performances, and I learned from it too.

This other piece, Ravings of a Six-Year-Old Madman, did make it to the Wildcard slot of the festival–which means the crew really wanted it back.  I’ve never been in a wildcard show before and it feels like an honor.

The show is crazy and I can’t imagine ever doing anything like it again.  We uncovered some old song lyrics Liam had made up when he was about six.  They’re unusual and occasionally oddly mature, and often experimental.  No adult could write this stuff.

It’s been a fun experiment and I’m happy to have the chance to perform it again.  Plus it makes the kids giggle uncontrollably, which is a bonus.



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