Events this Week

The TellersA bunch of activity this week.  Bullet list cuz, you know, it’s late and I’d like to read a little before I go to bed:

  • SODA MACHINE reading on Tuesday: thought it went well but not as extraordinarily brilliantly as I would have liked. I’m mulling next steps.  I’d really love to produce an entertaining farce in an office environment.  I think what I’ve got is entertaining and good, but it needs to be entertaining and great.  It’s missing something, I just haven’t figured out what exactly that is yet…
  • TELLERS story event at the Livestrong Foundation: this was the least prepared I’ve been for a story-telling event, and it’s probably the most personal one I’ve ever told (and the least funny too). I’m glad I did it and got to talk about the respect and admiration I have for what my parents were able to accomplish under trying circumstances.  And/but I’m looking forward to the next event (August 11th; more on that soon!) where I can tell a funny story, cuz those are so much easier
  • Father’s Day: Hey, it’s on Sunday! I know you’ve been working all year on this, kids; get those cards ready!!

All right, more to come in the near-ish future.  I hope.  And summer and fall travel events ahead too!  Yay!

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