Big Guy Opens Tomorrow

And here we go. Had our final rehearsal last night for this play, and I think we’re in pretty good shape.

It’s a super-competitive week in terms of other shows. There are 4-5 groups that have gone to Best of Fest in the past, so I feel like we have a shot, but it’s not a gimme. If we don’t make it to Best of Week, I’m hoping for a Wildcard slot. But who knows.

I mean I don’t care, of course. It’s only my ego at stake. And it’s not fragile or anything. I’m sooooo thick-skinned.

Anyway, here’s the flyer my Thai buddy helped me with. I like the vagueness and ominousness of it. That’s a shadow of a man under the chair, in case it’s not obvious.

Will report back on the results…

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