Another Rail Trail in the Can

My dad and I hit the Mill Valley Sausalito Path the other day. This was a lovely hike through some cool areas, leading to beautiful parts of Marin County. At the end of it, we had some great Indian food.

Good story, I know!

My favorite part is that this is yet another trail built on an old railway line. Just like that one in Santa Fe I like to run on.

Here’s the first paragraph of an article from 2012 that my dad kept around until we finally got out there this weekend:

The Mill Valley-Sausalito Path is part of a nationwide network of former railroad lines that have been transformed into hiking trails. Tracks for the Northwestern Pacific Railroad used to run where today you can hike, bike, skate and even ride horses. Passenger-train service ceased in 1940, although the tracks remained until the multiuse Mill Valley-Sausalito Path was created in the 1970s. The path is the only way walkers can get from Mill Valley to Sausalito and vice versa. It is wheelchair accessible.

I love this network of rail trails, and would give up a lot just to be able to travel from one to the other for a summer or something. Let’s do it!



  1. TimNovember 14, 2019

    If you like Rails to Trails you might be interested in this party trying to get the Red Line trail up and running:

    1. Max LangertNovember 15, 2019

      Oh awesome, Tim, thanks, that looks great! Will try to make…


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