A Washa for Kinshasa: four days out

Here’s another note to self, and a reference point if I need it in the future; here’s the gist of the email I just sent to the performers:


Hi everyone. Here’s a little bit more and a request for short bios…

{tl;dr: can you send me a one-or-two sentence bio?}

First off, the current show order, which may get changed last-minute if we need to make shifts for any reason. I’m also including estimated times which may or may be right. Can you let me know if your time is much different from what I have here?

7pm: show up & hang out
8pm: show starts
–Intro (Jomo & Band) (5 minutes)
–Story (Tristan) (12 minutes)
–Standup (Carlton) (10-15 minutes)
–Story (Christine & Leslie) (15 minutes)
–Special musical act (TBD) (8-12 minutes)

8:55pm or so: intermission with drinks and washing-machine-related games

9:05pm or so: show continues
–Intro (Jomo &  Band with rude Dinosaur interruption) (5 minutes)
–Story (Zach) (12 minutes)
–Standup (Joey) (10-15 minutes)
–Story (Ava) (12 minutes)
–Music (Jomo and Band) (25 minutes)

If you’re a storyteller or comedian and are comfortable siting in the audience, that’d be great. Otherwise you can wait in the lobby or backstage. We can finalize that at 7pm especially if you need to *make an entrance.*

I’ve seen you all perform at least once and I don’t have any concerns. HOWEVER, please keep in mind that there will be at least a few kids in the audience. Mine will be there and at least a couple more. The show is advertised as having adult themes, but I’d like to keep the cursing at low levels as much as possible. Feel free to ask me specific questions if you have them.

We’ll have a mic, mic stand, PA. I also hope to be able to project images here and there, and play music through the sound system (and play a song for Christine and Leslie’s piece). I got asked about a podium today, which we’ll look for. If there’s anything else you need, please let me know. The whole things is gonna be pretty bare-bones.

I’m not sure if we’ll have time to get a program together, but that might happen Saturday. Regardless, if you have a one-or-two-sentence bio I could use to intro you, that’d be awesome. If not, I’ll make something up based on what I know about you. I’m going to tag you all in different ways the last few days.

Rene is going to show up early with me and take photos before and during the show. If you have special requests about that (??) let me know. Good sides? Witness protection programs? I don’t know. Hoping we get some good shots though.

Kelsey (who stage-managed Out of Ink at Hyde Park Theatre last month) will be doing the same here, showing up around 6pm. She’s awesome, please seek her out if you need anything.

Marla (who helped with our last benefit at Mayfield Park) will be managing the intermission guess-how-many-quarters guessing game/fundraiser with some cool prizes.

Lisa and Patti run the theater and will be handling ticket sales and concessions. They are amazing for letting us use the theater. Please do everything you can to make their jobs easy.

That’s about it. My friend Ryan threw this flyer together (attached) a few days ago in case you want something to send around or keep for posterity. It’s better than anything I would have put together.

So appreciate you all, thank you! Let me know if you have questions about tickets or or comps or anything else.  There’s a video about reaching the theater at www.groundfloortheatre.org if anyone’s never done it. And there’s are two breweries, a rock-climbing gym and a BYOB Axe-throwing club nearby. Seriously. Oh my God I just had an idea…

Let me know on those bios if you have time!

See you Saturday at 7pm or sooner.

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