No, I Will Not Go on Your Booze Cruise

I’ve got this friend who keeps going on these cruises. He always calls them booze cruises. And now he’s telling me I should go on them too, that they’re really great.

  • You should go on the booze cruise with us
  • Man, these booze cruises are great
  • You’d really like the booze cruise

No. I wouldn’t.

I feel like nothing could represent wanton privilege more. Hey, you should spend a bunch of money to get on a massive block of steal and plastic that’s spewing oil into the ocean so that underpaid folks in uniforms can hand you alcoholic drink after alcoholic drink as you just sit there getting ferried from coast to coast.


But two things to the expression’s credit:

1) It turns out that the original meaning of booze cruise was about getting cheap alcohol across country lines (which isn’t quite so wanton, but it’s also not the currently understood meaning of the phrase)

2) At least they’re calling a spade a spade. Better “booze cruise” than “cross-cultural heritage liquid voyage” or some crap

That is all.

#petpeeve #rarerant

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