Gift Baskets, Testify, and New Play Feedback

It’s a hodgepodge of stuff!

So when my son and I went to see Nicole O’s fine new play about young womanhood last week, they had a raffle for a few different gift baskets. We entered and…. I won this!

As someone who’s organized and put together prizes for events, it feels really good to win. Super rewarding.


Hey! I’m doing this show on Thursday. I haven’t practiced as much as I’d like, and have my last review with the producers tomorrow. But I somehow think it’ll go fine. Which is an odd feeling for me. I guess I’ve been doing it once or twice a year for the past five years, so…. It’s almost comfortable?

As a follow-up from my recent post about writing a new play super-fast, here’s what Caridad had to say about my 38-pages:

I think you have bones of a good draft here.
there’s a clear trajectory.
a memory/ghosted play.
and a desire to find reconciliation and peace.

given that you now know what the bones of the piece are,
I think you can easily go back into the piece and decide where to open up and expand the material. esp. if you wish for it to be a longer play.

whose play do you think it is?

I would say it is Carol’s. but the clearer you are about this, the stronger the overall arc of the piece will be.

love the dry, sad humor in the piece.
how these people need to find order in their lives
and connection.
despite all.


Aww, she knows what to say; great blend of encouragement, suggestions and recommendations (she recommended I read The Lost Formicans too, a relevant play that I’d never heard of before; have it on my list).

I’m going to keep working on this one, possibly doing another class on rewrites with her in the fall. How convenient!

More on this play as it comes together (I hope).

See you Thursday? Maybe?

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