I write plays, mostly.  They tend to be about crummy work environments and failed headshot July 2015relationships.  But they’re usually at least a little bit funny.

I’ve worked in Hollywood (not for long), in New York (couldn’t make it there) and now live in Central Texas (without boots or a hat) where I’m having a bang-up time.

My plays have been performed in New York, Dallas, L.A. and Amsterdam, and I’ve won awards in Nashville, New Orleans and Austin where I frequently write for and occasionally perform in the FronteraFest fringe festival.

I’m also a board member and the member whip of ScriptWorks, a non-profit Texas-based playwriting organization.

In my spare time I raise children, fantasize about playing basketball professionally and think about how there’s a drum set in my closet I haven’t played in ages.

I have a twitter account that wishes I paid more attention to it, and family members on the west and east coasts that I wish I got to see more.

If you say hi, I’ll give you a big ol’ Texas howdy right back.

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