Cinnamon Path Theater

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Our fourth variety show, this time benefiting the wonderful people at VELA Families.

With storytelling, music, standup and much, much more.

Featuring: Laura Freeman, The Bar & Grill Singers and Turning Tricks with the Darlings.

With special guests: Rita Anderson (w/ Veronica Pomata & Johanna Whitmore), Amber Bixby, Cami & Zach, Ava Love Hanna, Tristan Mercado, Carlton Wilcoxson and Joey Zimmerman

You can find the Facebook event HERE.
You can find out more about VELA Families HERE.
You can find more about our past events HERE.
You can reserve or purchase tickets to this event HERE.

Note that the show contains some mature, adult content. Also, this a plastic-free event and every effort will be made to use reusable and recyclable products.

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