TV Pilot Commission for Maine-based Sitcom

I got a modest commission to create a spec script for a Portland-based sitcom to highlight the personality of that coastal town (and maybe take some attention away from Portlandia on the OTHER coast).

Some initial title ideas:

  • Portland, the Other White Meet
  • Bay Island Ferry
  • Chebeague Island
  • Don’t Come to Peaks Island
  • Breezed Up
  • Chuppta

Okay, that first one is a joke. And the others…. Hmm, we’ll see. Chuppta is supposedly an accented greeting of sorts. I wonder how that would go down.

Anyway, the goal is to get a pilot script written by the end of 2022. Let’s see how we go. I can get an extension if I need it, but would prefer not to.

Kind of excited.

Check back in regularly for updates! (or, you know, ask me on the street…)

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