The Pact Workshop Reading December 5th

All right, we’re doing this!

With temperatures rising and global crises escalating, a couple of grandparents decide to take action to heal the planet. But first they need to heal their own family.

With a granddaughter flirting with a mysterious cult, an adult daughter peddling drugs out of her childhood bedroom, and another daughter out of work but in lust with a shirtless hunk she’s never met, the challenges continue to pile up. And when their son-in-law wrecks his car downtown, it may finally be time to change tactics.

THE PACT is a play about family, pizza, climate change, dating apps and fringe religious sects (in that order).


Note that this is a work in progress, though it’s already been optioned for a production in the second half of 2022. That’s awesome, but there’s plenty of work to do and revisions to make.

More updates to come on that potential production….

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