Rookie of the Year?

I found out last week I’d been nominated as Rookie of the Year for my new softball league. Which isn’t something you expect to hear when you’re deep into your late-late-late-30s, but it’s a real honor and I’m excited to tell my middle-school MVP son about it.

In other related news, our softball team played a tournament last weekend and came in 2nd place. Which means… we’ve been invited to the World Series of Softball (I know, Big Deal) in Kansas City in September.

It’s a tournament more than a series between two teams, so we go there to try and win a bunch of games in a row. It seems like a pretty great, unique opportunity that I may never have again, so I’m going to see if I can make it work. Always wanted to spend more time in Kansas City after stopping there on an Amtrak train for half a day when I was 23 on my way to New York.

If I go, I’ll want to write about the experience. So save your pennies for pre-ordering that best seller of a book.

Play ball!

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