March Madness

shirt with raffle ticket

Lots of big decisions coming up this month.

The kids each need to make a decision about where they’ll be attending school next year.

I need to make a decision about what kind of car I’ll be driving the next few years (go practical, go electric or go Car2Go?).

I also need to figure out if I have the energy to finalize the rest of the steps for the Peacock show. I gotta get that sorted pronto.

Then I need to decide what kind of phone to get (iPhone, Android, Nokia, nothing?).

Other big decisions too about various work stuff.

Fortunately, March is one of my favorite months of the year in Austin, so the pleasantness helps in a big, big way.

In other news, I’ve been asked to do a story at Testify at the end of the month for their On the Road theme (I’ve gotta decide if I can get that together soon), and this is the flyer draft that Ryan put together for Peacock (I’ve gotta decide what do with the text at the top and bottom, but otherwise dig it!).Peacock_23

My last big decision is how many shirts to get for my new office environment. I think I have to step up my wardrobe at least 10% to make a decent first impression, and ever since I ruined this shirt (above) with a raffle ticket back in October, I’ve got to fill the gap. One shirt, two shirts, three shirts; it’s just so hard to make up my mind…


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