Industrial Wonderland

I-35 interchange

I-35 interchange

I had to drop my car off to get the heater fixed the other day, and I ended up walking several miles home afterwards, mostly along highways, under overpasses and crossing industrial roads.

This morning I walked back out there to pick up a rental car in the same area and took Industrial Boulevard south of Ben White.

I had sort of an awesome time.

I love walking through neighborhoods and areas I’ve never seen, and something about all the metal stores and barbed wire and large trucks and spongy grass and cracked pavement made it feel like I was discovering a new planet.

At the end of the walk this morning, a couple of hundred yards from the rental car place, I discovered a new brewery I’d never heard of before. I’m going to make a plan to check it out.

Anyway, there were only a couple of times I felt vulnerable out there, glancing over my shoulder at someone watching from a doorway or dodging a truck that got a little too close to the curb. The rest of the time I found it refreshing and invigorating, especially in the 40-degree drizzle. I kind of want to make a habit of it.

a handsome property along South Congress

a handsome property along South Congress

Kind of.

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