Home Improvement Accomplishment

I’ve been looking for some motion-sensitive lighting for a while now. It bothers me when I go out of town for several days that I leave my porch and carport lights on the whole time in an attempt at so-called security (so wasteful).

So I’m pleased as punch (punch isn’t even that good, why is that an expression?) to say that I put up these rad solar-charged lights in the front and back of my place which turn on once you get within 20 feet.

And they don’t need batteries, don’t need to get plugged in. They just work.

We’ll see how I feel about ‘em in a year or so (if they’re still as powerful) but I’m pretty psyched for now. I just went outside and waved at them and they shot on at full blast. Thirty seconds later they went dark again. I could do this all night.

It’s the little things…

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