Day-Job Brag

While I wait for the old ship to come in with creative projects (bestsellers, Oscars, Tonys, Emmys, etc.), it’s nice to know that the daily 9-to-5er isn’t all in vain either.

I got nominated for a year-end award for my day job. Posting it here as a reference and affirmation if/when I need it. This goes hand in hand with another unsolicited writeup from early 2019 that helps me remember that life balance is what it’s all about.

If I described Max in one sentence it would be that “He fights for the people, does what is right, and continually works to see the best in individuals.” I’ve been so impressed with this mindset in 2020 that I’ve sought out his advice many times. I’m nominating him for being a man of integrity.


During the height of covid-19, Max made sure his team was informed and supported. Many of them have shared with me that his guidance gave them comfort, even with few details being known or shared.


Max continually reaches out to find ways for his team to grow. He finds their skills and works to make sure that they are developed.


Max makes sure teammates feel special and celebrated. He recently set aside a virtual time for a holiday celebration and since the pandemic started has attended virtual hh’s and safely distanced front yard events to celebrate the success of some of our larger projects.


These might sound small in size, but they are large in impact. Integrity matters. Being a good person matters. Max is a great leader, a wonderful teammate, and a role model. I couldn’t possibly think of a better person to nominate for an annual CVA. I’m a better person for knowing him.

I will be running for office in 2022.


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