A Million More to Go: the results are in

Had an excellent time, and an excellent cast, and an excellent feedback session at the first in-person Salon at Hyde Park Theatre in a couple of years.

Here’s a quote from an email from my friend Helen after the reading which encapsulates the tone of the event:

First, let me tell you what a great time I had at the reading of your excellent play. It was funny, sinister, off-balance and spot-on. And you surprised me again and again. When a play does that, it makes me very happy!

That’s kinda how I felt, even though I knew most of the surprises.

The reading confirmed what I thought about the play — that it was funny and effective and fast-paced. But you NEVER really know until you hear it live. So… good news.

And the cast was awesome: Roxy, Laura, Kelsey, Pablo, Judd — you were all fantastic. Let’s do it again.

That’s the fast recap. I’m motivated to get this thing up somewhere and will work on marketing it soon…

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