Upcoming fun things in October/November

Just a few things to highlight in the coming weeks (because I know you’re curious):

Wednesday, October 17th at 1pm: I’ll be a guest on KOOP Radio (91.7 FM) with the 14/48 crew. I’m super excited about this. In a way to promote the weekend speed-producing festival that is 14/48, I’ll be given 48 minutes to write a brand new play which will be performed by the radio hosts and a couple of 14/48 actors. I’ve never been under this kind of public pressure to create, and I’m pumped!!!

UPDATE: This happened, it was super fun. Three-page, original silly script based on the random prompt Winston Tastes Good HERE. Entire show #487 at THIS LINK. You might need to navigate to the show number once there.

Thursday, October 18th from 9pm to 7am: I’ll be writing a play overnight for 14/48 which will be performed on….

Friday, October 19th at 8pm: The first 7 of 14 new plays will be produced. Again, I love this speed-writing challenge! I’ll be there on Saturday, the 20th too, but probably not going to write for that second night as I have in the past (kind of excited to get some sleep).

UPDATE: This was a good time, though the play I wrote was a bit too detailed, I think, for the condensed timeframe. Still, good times, good people. Here’s a shot (or two) of me and the cast (Svetlana, Briana) and director (Lisa).

November 3rd, at 1pm: Ended up getting a last-minute invitation from Testify to tell a story at the New Story Festival at Huston-Tillotson University. Re-remembered the one I’d told at Spider House Ballroom a while back about biking over and falling off the Queensboro bridge onto a think metal strip. I may do another story there in March when the festival goes full-forice.

Sunday, November 4th at 7pm: I’ll be doing a storytelling event at the Hard Luck Lounge in East Austin which is intended to be a push for getting out the vote on November 6th. The theme is loosely based around synchronicity and elections, and I’m still working on what to talk about. If you have any ideas…

That’s it. A burst of events within a couple of weeks. Also, I’m in the midst of rewriting a full-length play with Caridad Svich for a follow-up workshop to one she hosted in the spring. Hope to keep up with those weekly assignments too. We’ll see how it goes.

UPDATE: Here’s what things looked like at the Hard Luck Lounge when Walter Daniels got up and played…

(and in December… we sleep…)

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