The Great Heartrate Experiment

Okay, so maybe “great” is too strong a word (except that it’s pretty significant for me, personally) but as I recover from this thing, I’ve had to scale back my usual activities for an extended period of time.

And since I’ve got this Fitbit now which tracks sleeping and heartrate patterns, I’ve been watching my average heart rate climb a bit with each week that passes.

It’s intriguing to me that after a few weeks of less-than-intense activity (I’m walking only now, no regular running or anything else) my average heartrate has climbed about 5 beats an hour faster than it was before. There’s always a bit of fluctuation, but I’m assuming it’s working a little bit harder, now that I’ve gone more sedentary?

Fascinating experiment (for me). Interested to see when/if it goes down again once I’m back in regular action.

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