“Oh man! My dad sucks!”

person i admire essay from jules

So my son’s teacher handed me an essay he’d written about someone he admires today during their end-of-year holiday party.

The essay starts:

Have you ever thought “oh man! My dad sucks! I hate my dad! I want a different dad!”

Boy, that is a rough start to an essay.  Who knows where it’s gonna go next?

Fortunately, everything softens up after that when he writes:

Because I haven’t.

That was a close one.

Then he goes on to say that he admires me for three reasons:

  1. He expresses his feelings
  2. He has a good attitude
  3. He is really funny

Whoa, whoa, whoa.  What about my mad PowerPoint skillz?  How about my cookie-baking talents?  My taste in clothes???

Jeez, some kids are so superficial.

At the end of the second paragraph after talking about how well he thinks I express my feelings, he writes:

Another time I asked him for something else for dinner because I don’t like what we were originally having, he goes out of his way to get it for me.

In other words, #4: He’s a pushover.

Yeah, yeah.

In the third paragraph he talks about my good attitude, and one of his examples is:

Another time when he almost lost his braces, it either seemed like he wasn’t upset, or he wasn’t showing it.

Yep, when your dad loses his braces and doesn’t get upset, it’s a BIG DEAL.  How many kids can say that about their dads?

Then at the end when he talks about how “funny” I am, he writes:

Whenever he gets mad at us he always comes back a little later, says sorry, then starts cracking jokes about potatoes and squid.

Um, does this really qualify?  Is it funny or is it disturbing?

Anyway, I get the message.  Enough with the squid references!  (if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that)

All that said, it’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen, and it’ll be up on my wall (possibly for the next 30 years) so you can see it next time you come over.

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