Falling in Love (WIP)

long fenceMy lungs lighten
At the sight of your feet,
Quickening their pace
As I approach

It’s been so long
You’ve seen me at my worst
I’ve seen you at yours
(I hope, I hope)

When I first held you
My heart thumped
So hard
It seemed to confuse you

I wrote you a letter
Typed, edited, typed again
Explaining how your silence stung
I didn’t understand
What I’d done
To make you so mad

You picked up a pen
And wrote one word beneath all mine
Then handed it back

My heart broke a little
Wanting to think
It was behind us
It wasn’t

I knew I loved you
But I didn’t know
It could feel
Like this

You ran from me
Wearing no shoes
I chased
But couldn’t catch up

I lost you then
Knew I had to wait
All I could do
Imagining the worst

You’re strong
Warning me with a look

Curious, insightful,
Challenging, deep
You ask questions I cannot answer
And I like that

I love you more
Than almost anything
That’s right, I said almost
The way it is

I fear I’ll lose you
But try not to worry
The hole that would remain
I just can’t…

I’ll see you soon
By the stop sign
Across the street
I’m sure I’ll be late, again

But you’ll wait
At least for a while
I trust you
Will never leave

Even if
This feeling fades
And becomes humdrum
Most, all, everything


(to be continued, updated, edited, possibly deleted…)

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