Chip on my Shoulder

I’m not sure if it’s post-travel edginess or jet lag or the current political climate or what, but I keep finding myself with a chip on my shoulder when I’m driving or in line at the supermarket or at the airport. Any time a dude behind me gets too close or makes some slightly sniveling face, I gird up and feel this internal challenge against him.

Okay, it’s definitely the current political climate and the state of gender dynamics, especially as played out in the media, post-Kavanaugh hearing.

It just feels like certain dudes are looking to bully their way past or pick a fight or something. Like they crave some kind of release.

Maybe it’s their anger I’m picking up on, but hoo boy, this morning a guy behind me in line for coffee got right up close and I could feel his eyes on my back, wanting me to take a step forward or do…. something.

And there was a part of me that kinda hoped he’d push me.

But he didn’t.

So that’s probably good.

Maybe it’ll pass. We’ll see. This upcoming election is gonna be a bruiser.

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