First directing gig (sort of)

It’s a month of firsts around here.

Yesterday, the 8-yo pitched for the first time.  Tomorrow I get to direct someone else’s play for the first time.

My friend Nettie has a short piece in ScriptWorks’ Out of Ink festival this year, and she asked me to direct it.  I get to work with two awesome actors, Suzanne and David, who have oodles of experience in town and elsewhere.  I expect it to be challenging and rewarding and all that other garbage people talk about.

Good garbage.

Trying to prep myself for it this afternoon.  The best part is that the word Groovy is spoken multiple times.  Which just makes it rewarding in and of itself.

I hope I get a director’s chair.


First strikeouts



So proud of this kid today.  He’s been quietly excited about it for days, since the coach told him he’d get a chance to pitch on Saturday.  We’ve been practicing at the park, in our driveway, in our backyard.  The 8-yo blew me away today.  Struck out two and walked one in his first inning.  Feels good.

Testifying on April 25th @ Spider House Ballroom

Hey, I get to do this…

… in a couple of weeks.  With buddies Ava Love Hanna and Tristan Mercado (and more!).

The theme is “coming clean.”

They’re going to be talking about really embarrassing things, but I’ll be talking about what a great citizen I am.  A well-balanced night.

Oh, so yeah,  I gotta get working on the piece.  And figuring out what it’ll be like to hold a microphone.  And deciding what kind of beer to have after the show.  Important stuff.

See you there!

Big June Dreams

Okay, have big potential theatrical  plans for June.  They are:

1) Play this character in a short play by Carolyn Kennedy:

BILL, 30, reed thin, is attired in the full regalia of heavy metal. His colorful hair shoots from his skull in loong, apoxyed spikes.

2) Have my own short play It’s Time as part of the ScriptWorks Out of Ink festival

3) Do a reading of a new piece at my house and invite some people over

And, um, that’s it.  Are those really big dreams?  Dunno.  Hoping at least some of that stuff happens.

Idea for mini-theaters

Toying with the idea that people could rent out their homes for small fees to host intimate productions to help fill the gap left by dwindling theater options in town.

Maybe something similar to an airbnb concept but for performance art.

Intrigued by the idea of hosting 15 or 20 people at my place and trying to put on a play in the sparse space.  What would I need?  For starters:

  • Chairs
  • A sign
  • Some kind of light setup (at least on/off)
  • T-shirts
  • Beer & wine for suggested donations
  • A great script
  • Awesome actors
  • A good attitude

So there.  Watch this space!

Tonight’s the night–Lionel Richie edition

So tonight is when I get locked in the Off Center with a bunch of other well-intentioned crazy folk to do this:

All.  Night.  Long.

Is it okay for me to say that I approach it with a sense of both excitement and dread?  I’m excited about the creative process, and about coming up with a play in a ridiculously short period of time.

But my memories of trying to stay awake and be creative and shaking off jittery restlessness at three in the morning are also fresh in my head.

We’ll see what comes of it.  I’m excited to sleep a bit during the day Saturday and see what the whole crew comes up with Saturday night.

You should come, you loyal following, you should come!

I will!

I get to play “Jules”

So I got cast for a reading of a play by friend and ScriptWorks member Carolyn Kennedy.

She wants me to play the character Jules, who is described this way:

JULES BERNSTEIN appears in the front doorway.  Jules is tall and spindly, mid-40’s.  His thick, black hair is combed stiff with mousse, causing it to tuft out at the sides of his cap.  He is fully attired in Eddie Bauer.  

And this is one of my first lines:

Aw, be durned if you could heppit, as we’d say in Dripping Springs.

Yes.  Totally gonna rock that twang.

AND did I mention how odd it is that I’m playing this character when my son and father are named Jules?  What are the odds.  Gotta do ’em proud, ya hear?

Flimflam in Space–one sleepless night

Psyched I get to do this again (on March 7th):

I’ve worked with Loaded Gun Theory before.  They’re crazy, kooky and super nice.  We get there on a Friday evening and stay up all night writing a short play with some ingredients (this year it will be sci-fi focused).

They have a bunch of props we can use too.  Including most notably a bloody stub of a leg from the ankle down.

I always have to push myself outside my comfort zone at these events.  Looking forward to it.

On Saturday (March 8th) the actors come in and rehearse with directors all day long.  Then the full production goes on Saturday night.

Then… sleeeeeep!