All Risk, No Action

Okay, I’m alive!

It wasn’t NO big deal, and I have lots of thoughts about the process – which I hope I never forget or minimize. But less than a week later, I feel good again. Energy’s back, not taking any crazy meds, and feel better. So… thumbs up.

This is a FALL RISK bracelet they gave me before the procedure, which kinda flipped me out a little. I tried to maintain my sense of humor by pretending the F wasn’t there.

There’s more to the story and saga, but we can catch up in person sometime.

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Tomorrow I’m going in for a procedure I didn’t see coming, and wish I didn’t have to do.

It feels like a test somehow, like pushing back against all the anxiety and the resistance to medical attention I saw in my mother. It’s low-risk, but it’s not no-risk, and I’m struggling with it off and on, depending on the hour, minute or day (the middle of the night is the worst).

Additionally, assuming all goes well, I’ll be sidelined for a month or even two. I can’t think of a period of more than a week in my life when I haven’t been involved in some kind of exercise or physical activity. And I worry all the strength is going to drain out of me. It’s messing with the healthy, active image I have of myself.

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Three Upcoming Semi-Events

Why are they semi-events? Oh, different reasons, I guess. One’s not really an event yet, but there’s potential; one’s an event but it’s not really something to crow about; and the other may or may not happen.

In no particular order:

1) Tuesday, August 27th: I told my softball buddies that I’d put on an event on this date to help fundraise for our trip to the World Series in September. We have several players who can’t afford the trip (travel and lodging expenses) to Missouri.

I should have a graphic for this soon (late-breaking update: draft in upper left), and we have Hyde Park Theatre reserved, and I’ve got a band, a couple of comedians and a reading of a new script (mine!) with all-star actors lined up. I’m still working on the short script for SUNDAY SLUGG’RZ. Hoping to have it ready in the next week or so, and MAY even do it for FronteraFest. Stay tuned.

(though some of this is dependent on the outcome of #3)

2) Monday, July 29th: This is like… tomorrow! I have an audition for Ask Me Another. I took a quiz to see if I could be on the show, and he’s part of what I got back (self-horn-toot):

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Cul-de-Sac at HPT this week

Just a real quick shout-out. We did kind of a barebones partnership with a teacher-run theater group this summer. Somehow all the pieces worked out and they’re doing a trial run at Hyde Park Theatre opening Sunday night.

Here’s the Chronicle listing. A bit awkwardly phrased but… it looks legit!

I’ll be bar-tending and whatever else they need starting Sunday night. Should be a hoot.

Ode to Ricky Henderson

Saw Toy Story 4 over the weekend with both kiddos. We were sitting there minding our own business, sucking down some bottomless popcorn and enjoying the pretty-well-crafted plot, when this scene pops up.

I was like “A’s hat!” and then the Alamo Drafthouse staff came over and told me to leave.

Not really.

I love Ricky Henderson. The park near the house where I grew up was recently renamed after him, and I ALMOST won a big contest when I was a kid, picking the correct game (but not the inning) when he stole his record base.

Anyway, brought a smile to my face. Let’s go A’s!


I’m almost embarrassed (though, really, kinda proud) to say I’ve seen this wonderful movie three times IN THE THEATER over the past month. Once by myself, once with my boss and his wife, and once (tonight) with my teenage son.

The pacing, the writing, the chemistry, the comedy is all top-notch. It’s a laugh-fest all the way, but it has extra emotional heft via the two main characters to make it (I think) the kind of movie you should be able to watch again and again for years to come.

Anyway, shout-out to director Olivia Wilde; writers Sarah Haskins, Susanna Fogel, Emily Halpern, Katie Silberman; and actors Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein; (oh, and sure, to Jason Sudeikis for playing along and being super silly).

I know they all regularly read this blog, so I’m sure they’re jumping for joy right now with this endorsement.

Special points for:

  • The pool scene (the joy, the soundtrack, the heartbreak)
  • The Cardi B joke
  • The slow-mo realization that all the popular kids are ALSO going to great schools
  • The inter-gender bathroom (??)
  • The final scene and its emotional flip


Happy FLAB Day (to me)

My dad and I were traveling around the northeast earlier this month – which was a great opportunity to catch up and bond – but I didn’t get back in town until Father’s Day (ironically enough, I guess). When I did, I found that my boys had created a pretty epic scavenger hunt for me.

I joke around a lot with them that when they have free time they could be working on Father’s Day cards instead of watching videos or playing games. I might stop doing that after this year.

Here’s the sign my 13-yo made:

And here’s a shot of all the clues they laid out for me around the house (including references to things that happened years ago):

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Getting the Band back Together

Double zing! Caught up with The Mole in Vermont, first time we’ve seen each other about 20 (zoikes) years. The beer still tasted good, the conversation was easy, and we planned out our reunion album and tour to kick off next summer. I just gotta limber up and work on my paradiddles.

Great people, great times, lovely city they live in now. And it just happened to be Jazzfest so there was a collage of music downtown.

Till next time, my punk-music friends….