14/48 Night One (2018)

Here we go for the fourth year in a row…

7:12pm: Got to the meetup a little late; played a silly rock-paper-scissors game with the rest of the group; chatted, etc., as you do

8:03pm: The theme was pulled from the hat: Bears & Robots

8:04pm: Randomly, I was give the play #4 slot with 2 actors

8:05pm: I drove home and came up with the seed of an idea I liked!

8:25pm: I got home and the boys were silly, and we watched a little of the documentary Hoop Dreams (which I’m sort-of making them watch), then an episode of The Office (the American one) which is all they seem care about these days

8:26pm: I jotted down a couple of notes

9:45pm: Kids in bed, lunches not made; losing momentum

10:05pm: Role-playing my piece and trying to figure how I can mess with time and space and multiple characters from one actor; thinking, thinking…

11:35: Page one done! Talked to my dad about a couple of things on the phone, including getting someone to help clean his place, which I’m super excited about! Oops, time to get cranking on the play….


12:27am: On page 3, hoping this weird time-shifting idea sticks together before I get too tired

1:02am: Page 4, is it any good?

1:32am: Page 5, worried it’s getting too silly

2:07am: Top of page 6, lots of edits to enter

2:42am: All right, I’ve got a rough draft. Just waiting for my son’s jeans to finish washing so I can get ’em in the dryer. Then… 3 hours of sleep till we get up for breakfast, I take kids to the bus, finish up the play, and send it in. Whoop!

5:45am: Alarm goes off, kid wakes up, I make some updates to the play and hand it to him. He read it and calls it “interesting.”

6:45am: Second alarm goes off, second kid wakes up. I make a couple more updates to it, he reads it and says “It’s cool, I like it!”

7:20am: Play submitted

8:45am: Director selected. It’s Lisa from GFT. Excellent!

9:20am: Show cast, first read-through in the can

9:55am: The day rolls on….


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