Falling in Love (WIP)

long fenceMy lungs lighten
At the sight of your feet,
Quickening their pace
As I approach

It’s been so long
You’ve seen me at my worst
I’ve seen you at yours
(I hope, I hope)

When I first held you
My heart thumped
So hard
It seemed to confuse you

I wrote you a letter
Typed, edited, typed again
Explaining how your silence stung
I didn’t understand
What I’d done
To make you so mad

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Title Jamboree

Lonely old womanI’m looking to submit this play to a couple of local contests in the next week or two, and am also thinking about putting it on somewhere, like maybe at my house. Or maybe at yours. In the fall. I dunno.

But the title isn’t right. The play is funny and poignant and light at times, though also tinged with sadness. Somehow Loneliness just makes it sound sad.

So some other titles I’m considering are:

  • The Future
  • Wounded
  • Uncertainty
  • Everything’s Going to be Okay

Hmm, well, there’s only one in there that doesn’t sound deadly serious.

Has Everything’s Going to be Okay been done before? Is there something better?

Going with it for the moment, unless you can think of a reason not to?

And So it Begins…

Father son

The day has finally come.

So far so… good-ish.

I can sort of see what my mother was saying. The willful defiance is occasionally off the charts, and we’re getting into what he’s termed “alpha male battles” from time to time, which I guess means we’re fighting for control of red meat? Or tofu? Or…  the Force?

He’s still the same sweet, wonderful kid underneath (though I’m pretty sure he’ll kill me when he reads this). And he’s about six weeks from being physically taller than I am which may make things weird when we go toe-to-toe.

PLUS just the other day he got kicked out of the library for being too loud. A slippery slope, my friends, a slippery slope…

Watch this space for mugshots.

Pong Poster: Near-Final Draft

Pong poster draft v2All right, I made my choice on the direction to go with the graphic.

Here’s where Ryan’s gotten to. There are a few little tweaks to make still, but this is basically what it’s gonna look like. The guy does great work, and I told him I feel lucky to have access to his talent.

I hope to make it public (like for real) in the next couple of weeks.

He’s got a kid on the way too (due December 18th), so here’s to you and Jaimie, Ryan…

Live(-ish)blogging the ScriptWorks Fling

SW logoWe get the three ingredients for the Fling tonight, and I have to say that this is still one of my favorite writing events. It’s fun to write with the random ingredients, and it’s also fun to be in a competition to get produced in the spring.

There’s a small meetup planned for 6pm tonight at Central Market, where we’ll share the ingredients, and then get to it.

Usually my process is like:

  • mull
  • mull
  • land on a potentially good concept
  • sleep
  • write
  • decide if it’s good by Saturday afternoon
  • edit, write, edit
  • sleep
  • decide if I’ve screwed myself by taking the wrong path and if I have just give up
  • edit
  • edit
  • send


3:19pm: A glimmer of excitement is in the air!

3:20pm: Oh yeah, back to work…

6:15pm: Here are this year’s ingredients:

1) An object lost 20 years ago is found
2) At least one character must experience a reversal of fortune
3) The play must include a folk dance

7:15pm: Lots of potential with these ingredients. The first two leave a lot of room for almost anything. But that folk dance. That’s tricky. How to really integrate it without it being a throwaway (e.g., “Hey, let’s dance” at the end of an otherwise non-folk-dance-y play)

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My Slow Descent into Madness


the comforting, uniform ridges of California

Somewhere over California, I began to have this sinking feeling. Or rather this falling feeling. My fear of heights kicked in and I felt for sure we’d be plummeting soon. I recently had a terrible dream where I was giving my son a driving lesson and he took a wide turn on a mile-high overpass way too fast. He overshot the curve and I didn’t reach out to correct the wheel. The car slipped over the edge of the railing and we began to fall. I grabbed my son by the shoulders, looked him in the eyes, told him I loved him more than anything, and waited for impact.

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Kitchen Cabinet?

Kitchen cabinet

Well, I find out in a week if this is happening.

Had an informal chat with my buddy tonight, and he asked me to be on his kitchen cabinet as an adviser:

The Kitchen Cabinet was a term used by political opponents of President of the United States Andrew Jackson to describe his ginger group, the collection of unofficial advisers he consulted in parallel to the United States Cabinet

 I told him I’d be honored, and we’ll see what happens next.

I’m excited for the guy. Will be a big David vs. Goliath thing, but…. worth doing if he decides to go that way. I’d be a kind of outside-the-loop consultant, but I read a lot about numbers and trends and stuff, so hopefully would be able to bring something to the table.

Change is coming. Maybe…

Liveblogging Night Two of 14/48 (2017)

1448-veteran-badgeBack in the game. Got my randomly assigned slot #, actor quantity and theme:

  • Second piece tomorrow night
  • Write for four actors
  • Theme is Witches

Is that a theme? I guess it is. We were asked to try to use it metaphorically because seven plays in a row about witches could leave the audience a bit short of…. spellbound.

10:03pm: Okay, I have the germ of an idea, action packed, takes place in a kitchen…

10:48pm: Page one written. Four characters are brilliantly named B, C, D and F. The producers are trying something new this year where we don’t get assigned the genders of characters. To be more inclusive and less specific about why a character needs to be male or female. So this lettering should work okay.

On to page two…

11:48pm: Page two is down. It’s becoming quite farcical, some similarities to Fugue for Five Waiters. Too many similarities?  Enh, let’s see…

12:34am: Stuck. Is there enough conflict? Enough interesting stuff? Not sure I know what I’m doing. Tired.

1:08am: Frustrated. How am I going to wrap this thing up. Maybe the wrong direction. Want to lie down for a bit…

5:43am: Oy. Took a nap to clear my head. Just over an hour left. Changed everyone’s name to something real to make it clearer. Ben, Chris, Donna, Freddy. Struggling with ending. Want it to pop. Wish my damn printer worked…

6:16am: Getting there. Have very rough draft, gonna read through it, add a few logistical things, worried it will be too tough to memorize.

6:50am: Okay, read-through (to myself) went okay. Props I think we’ll need are:

  • big oven mitts
  • extra large bowl and spoon
  • frog
  • a few bowls and cups to make it look like a kitchen

Let’s read through this bad boy again…

7:12am: One last read-through, then I gotta send. Will have kid check it out when he’s awake, give me his honest opinion, then head in to meet my fate with the director.

7:25am: Okay, sent it in. Will see how it goes over. Too hard to stage in such a short time? I dunno. Eek.


UPDATE: all worked our pretty well. Happy with it. Actors and director were great. Got a nice thank-you from a couple of audience members for representing the reality of food service work. Here’s the best shot I got from the show.